Grundy County is a great place to live and raise a family. Local schools, churches and communities care about the future and are concerned about threats to the health and safety of children and youth—threats like underage drinking and drug use.

According to the 2016 Illinois Youth Survey, 26% of 10th graders and 42% of 12th graders in Grundy County drank alcohol in the past month. The survey also revealed that 10% of 10th graders and 28% of 12th graders engaged in binge drinking during the previous two weeks.

Ninety percent of addictions start in the teenage years, when the brain is growing and developing. Underage drinking threatens the health and safety of youth in other ways, too. Vehicle crashes, fights and violence, alcohol poisoning, and teen pregnancy to name a few. Providing alcohol illegally to minors can lead to serious and lasting damage.

That’s why the Behavioral Health Alliance of Grundy County (www.bhagrundycounty.com) is promoting the grundyparents.org campaign funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. The behavioral health of all of our residents—and especially our children and youth—is key to a healthy, safe and prosperous Grundy County.

Learn more by viewing the GrundyParents.org brochure.